Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Nomadic Quest?
The Nomadic Quest is the dream child of compulsive nature lovers who realized that trips to exotic locations can actually infuse routine lives with the much-needed refreshing inspiration while also proving to be an ideal training ground for corporate houses keen to impart lessons beyond the usual conference rooms. At locations painstakingly identified by The Nomadic Quest team, they can conduct simulation exercises, leadership training and get-togethers and ensure that what they take back is a lifetime of memories. Additionally, The Nomadic Quest also sells outdoor gear goods that can be useful for various specialized trips and corporate training programmes.

2. What is the structure of The Nomadic Quest?
The Nomadic Quest is a private concern started by entrepreneur Rohan Shah.

3. Who can benefit from an association with The Nomadic Quest?
Avid nature enthusiasts looking for outings other than usual predictable excursions can discover the marvels of some beautiful locations that The Nomadic Quest team regularly identifies. While there is the promise of thrill and adventure, experienced team-members ensure safety is not compromised at all. Similarly, corporate houses that look for experiential training which the usual conference rooms fail to provide can observe a sea-change in the receptiveness of employees in an environment where the sky is the roof and where the training sessions are undertaken in the biggest room over-without closed doors.

4. Is this concept new?
Yes, the concept is relatively new and though there are other players in the business, The Nomadic Quest tries to ensure through its locations as well as the way it conducts its trips with professionalism, that it has an edge over others.

5. Can there be risks associated with trips conducted by The Nomadic Quest?
Yes, there is an element of risk involved and those diagnosed with conditions that can aggravate the risk should take prior consultation from their physicians or doctors before enrolling for a trip.

6. Are there professionals running the show at The Nomadic Quest?
Yes, The Nomadic Quest has on board professionals well-equipped to manage and conduct outdoor trips. The team also endeavors constantly to add more locations to its list so that potential members can have a wide variety of choices of locations.

7. What are the payment terms and conditions?
You can refer to the link specifically dealing the payment terms and conditions on the bottom of the web page of the website.

8. How many trips does The Nomadic Quest conduct in a year?
This depends on a variety of factors ranging from climatic conditions to satisfaction of the key criteria in terms of members enrolling.

9. What bags are ideal for the trips?
It is always advisable to use backpacks to carry your belongings for all our outdoor trips. Choose the size of your pack based upon the number of days of your journey. For longer duration trips we recommend that you carry two packs; one bigger pack for personal clothing and necessities and a small day-pack (approximately 25 liters) for valuables and other things you need on-the-go.

10. What other precautions or steps can one take to ensure proper packing?
While packing always remember to balance your pack to ensure that it does not tilt to any side. You can use a dry bag or a polythene bag to make it waterproof from the inside. Place the lightest items at the bottom (E.g. Sleeping bag / Feather jacket) followed by your personal clothing, etc. Place heavy items at the top in such a way that the weight comes on your shoulders and not your lower back. Use all the available space to keep the pack size small. Take good care of your pack especially while traveling by road / rail / air; tie or tighten all loose, hanging & unsecured straps and clip all buckles to prevent them from getting entangled or breaking. Always place the pack face down with the back frame on top. Use a rain cover whenever possible.

11. Should one arrange for a day pack?
A day pack is an essential for almost all journeys, very helpful and something we always recommend. In the outdoors you enjoy the most when you are well prepared and organized. A day pack is light and easy to carry. It is your best buddy; you can use it to carry important items Examples: Valuables / torch or headlamp / camera / small knife / wind stopper or rain wear / water bottle with drinking water / first – aid kit / small snack / etc. A day pack is a convenient thing to carry for a tension free day-journey.

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